Little Leprechaun Mask

Do you have any tiny mischief makers creeping around your house?? Then you need a fun, easy craft to keep them busy! I found this mask on Pinterest from and knew we had to try it! Here’s what we did.

paper plate leprechaun mask


    • Paper plate
    • Construction paper (yellow, green, and black)
    • Orange Paint
    • Glue
    • Scissors
    • Paint brush

Supplies for leprechaun mask

  • Optional: glitter, string, hole punch



  1. Paint the outside edge of your paper plate. painting a paper plate for a leprechaun mask
  2. While paint dries, cut out your construction paper into the following shapes: green paper- hat (be creative and make the hat as crazy as you want!), yellow paper- square with the middle cut out, black- long strip.
  3. Glue the construction paper pieces together to make your leprechaun hat.Construction paper leprechaun hat 
  4. When the plate is dry, cut out the middle.
  5. When the hat and paint are both dry, glue the hat to the top of your plate.


Additional Options:
– Use glitter to make your hat sparkle.
– Cut lines into the bottom of your plate to make a fun beard.
– If your child wants to wear the mask, use a hole punch to poke a hole in each side of the paper plate and use a string to tie it around their head.

Little boy holding paper plate leprechaun mask

How cute and fun is that?!? Need a little treat to snack on while you make your masks? Be sure you check out my post on St. Patrick’s Day Pretzel Bites. For updates on new posts, follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Hope you and your little leprechauns have a happy and fun St. Patrick’s Day!

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