Halloween or Bust

Little boy in a halloween costume holding a train whistle being held by his father

Happy November! It’s currently 80 degrees here, but TECHNICALLY it’s fall, so I’ll take it! I am a little bit disturbed by the onslaught of Christmas commercials and emails that I started getting this week. I love Christmas as much as anybody, but has everybody forgotten about Thanksgiving? It’s this little holiday that happens a whole month before Christmas. #bringbackthanksgiving #imnotready

Halloween was a bit of a bust for us this year. It wasn’t a total wash, but it felt that way. H did really well last year and I figured that with all the new things he’s doing, this year would be a breeze. We’ve been prepping him for weeks: talking it up, explaining what was going to happen, practicing trick or treating around the house, etc. He seemed to understand and be excited about it. We also made plans to trick or treat with our neighbors. I thought that he would like going with his friends and that if he saw them doing it, he would follow along. I was sure that this would be one for the books and maybe this would be the year that he would enjoy it just like any other kid. Not so much. I took him to his school festival by myself and while he didn’t do too badly, it wasn’t the smashing success I was hoping for. Hayden usually does better with those types of things if dad gets to come with us, but I messed up the schedule so unfortunately, he had to work this year. He did GREAT with all the noise though, so that was a WIN! There was a game that involved knocking over some metal coffee cans that would have sent him through the roof last year and while he didn’t want to be anywhere near it, he didn’t cry and that’s huge for him!

I knew there was a possibility that the festival might not go too well, but I was positive that Halloween was going to be a sure thing. He loves walking around the block, but had NO interest in going up to any houses. We probably hit 5 or 6 before he was done, and most of those took some heavy persuading. I should be glad he’s not super stoked about going up to strange houses and taking candy from people, but c’mon man. And just like with the festival, he didn’t do badly, it just wasn’t what I hoped. I wrote a post on tailoring expectations that, apparently, I should re-read (you can check it out here).  He was tired from not napping and he’s not a big candy eater so he just wasn’t feeling it. The whole night was kind of a bummer and didn’t seem like it was worth all the effort that was put in to it, which isn’t his fault at all! I set my expectations too high and I’ll own that.

A kid not enjoying Halloween is not the end of the world and, obviously, he’s coming along wonderfully. He’s doing better every day and is learning a ton. It’s just hard to see your kid struggling with something that comes so easily for everybody else. Hayden is the only child we are going to have and sometimes it’s difficult to not feel like you’re missing out on times that are supposed be really fun. When you decide to have kids, you picture activities like trick-or-treating as a really exciting thing for them. All you see on social media is picture after picture of kids that could not be happier in their costume and getting tons of candy. So far, that’s not our reality and it’s hard to give up that mental picture. It may not be like this forever and he may love it so much next year that he’s going to need candy rehab when it’s all over. He keeps surprising us and I know all that, but it was tough evening for me nevertheless. I woke up the next day feeling better, but still wanted to share our experience in case anybody else out there went through the same thing. I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences so comment below or find me on Facebook and Instagram and lets chat!

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