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Some of our biggest challenges with Hayden have been sensory-oriented. Due to his bad vision, his hearing is super sensitive and taking him out to community events used to be a big ordeal.  My husband, my father-in-law, and most of our friends are all musicians, so live music is a big part of our lives. It was so difficult to take him anywhere where there would be amplified music or applause, because he would have inconsolable meltdowns  that would force us to leave pretty soon after we got there. You could tell he was completely terrified and overwhelmed and there was no calming him down once he got to that point unless we completely removed him from the situation. Even the sound of ice being poured into a drink machine would scare him to death (no joke. That actually happened). My life with Hayden outside the house was pretty much limited to therapy appointments and Target (hello Silver Lining) and I was going crazy!

After we saw another child out with headphones, we decided to get Hayden a pair and that’s when we discovered Baby Banz. When I tell you they were complete life changers for us, I am not exaggerating AT ALL! We got his first pair when he was about 18 months old and we’ve used them ever since. I can’t imagine how different our lives would have been if we had found them sooner.

We always have them with us and we’ve even sent them to school for certain events that we know will be tough for little man to handle (field trips, special programs, etc). He loves them and they have become his go-to when he gets overwhelmed. For a while, he even used them at home if I was going to vacuum or use the blender. He starts holding his ears and as soon as we break out his headphones, he helps put them on. Even if he doesn’t wear them the whole time something is going on, they make it easier for him to adjust to our surroundings and get used to a louder noise level. I’ve put them on myself to get a good idea of what he can hear and it’s amazing how much they deaden the  harsher sounds, but still allow for noise to get through. We can talk to him even if he isn’t right next to us and he can hear us just fine!

But they don’t only make headphones! Banz produces a wide range of products from headphones and sunglasses, to sunhats and swimwear for kids of all ages. Hayden has started to like wearing dad’s sunglasses when we’re outside, so we got him his very own pair. I wasn’t sure how he would do with the headband across the back because his regular glasses don’t have that, but as soon as we put them on outside, he was happy to wear them. AND their sunglasses can be fitted with prescription lenses so that is going to be our next step! How stinking cute are they?

Banz- Sunglasses Seaside

Banz are so dedicated to keeping our kiddos protected while they’re exploring the outdoors. And what better time to find some new adventures than summer?! You definitely want to go check out their website and stock up on some eye and hearing protection for your kids. I can’t wait to see pictures of them in their new gear so find me on Facebook and Instagram and show me what you found!


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